Welcome to our beautiful city, New Orleans!

Sometimes figuring out what to do while you're in New Orleans can be a challenging decision. There are so many good choices!

However, let your stay here be  pleasant and relaxing by allowing us to assist you with planning your day to day activities!

  1. Personal Chauffeur
    Personal Chauffeur
    * Business and Corporate Travel * Intimate Engagements/ Special Events * Private Guide/ Sightseeing and Tours * Personal Chauffeur Over 20 years experience driving commercially
  2.                City Tours
    City Tours
    Experience a bygone area that is Naw'Lins. From the Historic Ninth Ward, the Garden District and tour 200 year old Plantations. Indulge in neighborhood activities with locals.
  3. Airport Transfers
    Airport Transfers
    Visiting "The Big Easy" for business or pleasure?, Flying away for that much needed get away? Your personal shuttle awaits.

City Tour Partnerships
We've partnered up with the most popular sight seeing establishments in the city of New Orleans that will give you all the locals feels!

Kermit Treme's Mother In Law Lounge

Kermit's Treme Mother in Law Lounge is the best jazz bar in the local area of New Orleans, LA. You would be hard pressed to find an environment as awesome as ours! The lounge was founded in 1994 by Ernie K. Doe, a local jazz legend. After Ernie's passing, Kermit Ruffins opened Mother In Law Lounge, and the rest is history! We have some of the best local live entertainment in the area. Kermit's Treme Mother in Law Lounge is the best spot for BBQ, drinks, dancing and live music. In New Orleans, LA, it doesn't get much better than Kermit's Treme Mother in Law Lounge. 

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McKenna Museum

The George & Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art is an institution that collects, interprets and preserves the visual aesthetic of people of African descent in North America and beyond. Through innovative programs and exhibits that engage versatile audiences, the McKenna Museum seeks to make African Diasporan fine art accessible to visitors of all ages.

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"All Aboard, Prime Transit!"
- Kermit Ruffins